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            The Capell Family Crest

My name is Fritz Capell.  This is my web site, and I take full irresponsibility for its lack of content.

My only hobby is taking up hobbies, at least that was my only hobby until I really started getting into it.

My family is large in number, though not particularly in bulk.

I also have a rather large circle of friends.  Most of them, when cornered, would admit to being a good-sized square of friends.

If you're wondering why you should be sitting here reading this, let me just say that my website was given overwhelmingly positive reviews by both people who have come to visit it.  Take a look at what they had to say!

"It's fantastic, Fritz.  I can hardly believe you actually did something." - Fritz's Mother

"It's the funniest thing since that molar I had extracted in 1995!" - Fritz's Friend

This site is best viewed with Netscape at 34x12, 114 colors, or not at all.  You can click on most of the pictures to see a larger version, for printing and throwing darts, lining birdcages, or just testing your printer's tolerance.

I know your clicking finger is getting bored now, so here are some things to click.

No News is Good News - But for all you gluttons for punishment, here's what's going on with me...

The Fritz FAQ - Everything you always wanted to know about me, but never knew you always wanted to know.

Literal Page - Book reviews, suggestions, warnings, general loudmouthiness about what I'm reading.

Supposedly Funny Stuff - A collection of things that I wrote, mostly for the purpose of amusement.
(whether they fulfill any other purpose besides amusing myself as I wrote them is another question entirely...)

Photo Album - Pictures of my favorite little ones and other stuff...

Never Laugh Once - An eclectic collection of my poetry

Notes From the Edge - Musical things and bands that I'm involved with... - Central dispatch point for all things of and relating to Capells, Capelling, and Capellishness.  Very Capelly!

Audio Precision - This is the place where I work.
(We make really awesome audio test equipment.  As a matter of fact, the best there is in the world.  If you need some totally butt kickin' audio test gear, and you've got a few thousand dollars to spare, drop by and we'll make you a deal...)

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