Supposedly Funny Stuff That I Thought Up And Wrote Down

Disclaimer: The author cannot be held responsible for other people's underdeveloped sense of humor.  If there is any part of this that you do not find amusing, please feel free to not laugh.

Copyright: Don't steal this and make money on it without giving me some of it (the money, that is).

Choosing A Major - A short story I wrote for a college newspaper.

Memorandum - A proposal I submitted to the founders of Audio Precision.  When you read this, try to imagine yourself a high-powered company-owning executive, receiving it without warning from a two-bit technician.

Treasurer Campaign Statement - Submitted to the members of Tau Beta Gamma, the University of Portland chapter of the national engineering honor society, to convince them to vote for me as treasurer.

My family has a strange and twisted tradition of submitting short bits of rhyme along with (or in place of) gifts.  The following are a few of my favorites of the ones I have written:

For Steve, Christmas 1998

For Dave, at his Bachelor Party

For Leah, on her Birthday, 1999