TO: Those In Charge
   FROM: Fritz Capell
   RE: Sale of Taken-apart Compaq in Manufacturing
   DATE: February 24, 1992

   A lonely computer sits up on the shelf
   She has no real purpose, no faith in herself
   She fears that the shelf is her permanent home
   For she is not pretty, a mere monochrome.
   Her drives are 360's, all but obsolete
   Her old '86 is not too hard to beat
   The feel of her keyboard is squishy and numb
   All in all, as machines go, she's listed as dumb
   Once shiny and new, now her colors have faded
   And alas, made by Compaq, she can't be upgraded
   And worst of all, this I am sad to say
   She has no hard drive; it's been taken away.
   Still she clings to her hope, she feels no remorse
   For the years she put in as a faithful workhorse.

   But not far away works a prince in her eyes
   Who has secretly heard her almost silent cries
   His budget is low, but he has lots of parts
   He's the sort of a guy to warm old Compaq's hearts
   He has extra hard drives, and floppy drives too
   With plenty of care he knows what she could do
   If she didn't belong now to somebody else
   Who just lets her sit there forlorn on her shelf.

   So he comes to her masters, for fair is his salary
   To ask them one question: oh, what be her dowry?