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Tova Kai Williams - my niece, daughter of my sister Minda and her husband Billy
This kid is cool.  Fascinated by everything, shaken by nothing, a real rock in the world.  I suppose she cries, but even then she doesn't get too upset about it.  She could sleep on a rocket, yet I hear she's awakened by Minda rolling over across the room.  And she's got rhythm.  She's getting her own web site soon - try Minda's Page for more startling images....
Also starring Jack Williams, Billy's dad.  I don't know whose hands are in the third picture, but if you know, send me email!

Kyrena and Lydia Szubart - also nieces, from my sister Keta and her husband Frank
These two troublemakers get cuter and more mischevious by the day, but I only get an update every few months, so they're always full of surprises.  Last I saw them, Lydia knew how to walk but was waiting until she could really surprise us all by keeping up with dad Frank in a marathon, and Kyrena was quietly working on a major in germanic languages...
Kyrena hasn't quite learned how to keep the right end up when bouncing on the trampoline, but when she does, boy is she gonna sail!  Lydia finds the bouncing a bit unnerving, but as long as Kyrena is having fun, she must be also!
They have their own web sites - go see  Szubyland !!!
Also starring me and Petra.

My Girls
From left to right in the first picture, we have Muezza, Milou, and Vita, in unusually close proximity.  Alpha Milou forms a barrier between the other two, who don't prefer to keep company together.  Notice how naturally they pose for the photo.  In the second picture we see how Muezza idolizes Milou, emulating her in every way except color, and even that she's working on... The third picture shows how easy it is to get all crossed up... 'hey, that's my food over there!'  We call it Dinner Twister.
Sorry, no pictures of Molly (the dog) yet - I haven't found any good ones!  Not too photogenic, that girl...

Continental Fritz
Ok, here's me playing guitar, me in Washington DC, and me drinking water in Mazatlan, in a rare photo opportunity caught by Mark Nelsen.  Also we see me in an unusual pose with Lydia, and Rimli watching in mock amusement as she coddles Tova.

Other Stuff
Here's my truck, half drowned in the water at Dave's bachelor party.  Steve is helping to pull it out, while Jack works on the wet engine parts.  Also we have some images on some wall somewhere in the world.

Uplands Farm, c. 1900
This is the ol' homestead where I grew up.  Somehow, even in my most experimental engineering phases, I never managed to burn it down.  These pictures were taken before either me or my siblings or my dad got ahold of it.  It looks different now.

Historical Photos from the Files of my grandmother, Florence Viola Briggs (Jarvis), aka Florence Jr.
I think these are in approximately chronological order:
The first is of her mother, Florence Arminda Jarvis (whom I refer to as Florence Sr.), taken in 1910, after arriving in the United States from New Zealand.  When she arrived in 1906, the welcoming comittee arranged an earthquake and the burning of an entire city, which kept her boat anchored in the San Fransisco Bay for about a week.  The second is of Florence Jr. with her elder sister Margaret, who died in 1922 of double black diptheria.  The third is of Florence Sr. and Florence Jr, outside their home in Tacoma, WA.  The fourth is Florence Sr., taken at some later date of which I am not sure.

The fourth and fifth are the same photo, but the fourth has annotations indicating who is whom and the fifth has very high resolution.  These were taken in Oregon in 1924 when the family came down to pick hops, and show Florence Sr., Florence Jr., her father (Charles Jarvis), and her brother, Judd Jarvis.