I'm Famous!

Guess who showed up on the back page of Audio Precision's world-distributed newsletter!  Wrong!  It was me!

When the writer, Pulitzer Prize winner (no kidding) David Mathew, approached me about being featured in the 'Personality' column on the last page of the newsletter, I was pretty skeptical.  Usually these columns are just so... normal.  The featured person has been doing this job for this long, likes doing this stuff on the weekends, etc... I always figured that if they asked me to be featured in one, I would respectfully decline.

But Dave assured me that he had an angle that would befit me.  He even offered me final veto power, so if I didn't like the article, they could pick a new subject.  But when I read his article, I thought it was quite funny - so much so that I'm even reprinting it here.

Click here to see the html version of the article.  Clicking on the thumbnail below will take you to scanned JPG versions of the pages.  Which one is better depends on your browser and what fonts you have installed.  Try the html one first.


(newsletter images courtesy of Audio Precision, reprinted with permission)

Everyone asks me where the middle picture was taken.  It was taken from the top of the hill at my parents' farm in Newberg.  I was running the sound for my brother Dave's wedding which took place up there.  Lovely view!