The Crime and Punishment Cheat Sheet

Created as aid to tracking the characters in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, in which each character is known by several apparently unrelated names.

Any characters not listed here are not particularly important.

The left column is the common name, if available.  The middle column is what appears to be the more formal name.  Where there are blanks, the author did not use this type of name for this person.  Both names are used by the narrator, but either one seems to be used by other characters.
Raskolnikov, Rodya Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov Our protagonist
  Alyona Ivanovna A pawnbroker
Lizaveta Lizaveta Inanovna Alyona's sister
Marmeladov Semyon Zaharovitch Marmeladov A clerk, husband of Katerina
Lebeziatnikov Andrey Semyonovitch Lebeziatnikov Friend of Luzhin
  Katerina Ivanovna Wife of Marmeladov, mother (or stepmother?) of Sonia
Polenka, Lida, Kolya   Katerina's younger children
  Amalia Fyodorovna Lippeveschel or Ludwigovna or Ivanovna  Katerina's landlady
Sonia Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladov A prostitute; daughter of Katerina and Marmeladov
Nastasya Nastasya Nikiforovna Cook and servant in Raskolnikov's building
Pashenka Praskovya Pavlovna Raskolnikiv's landlady 
Pulcheria Alexandrovna Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikov Mother of Raskolnikov
Dounia Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov Sister of Raskolnikov
Svidrigailov Arkady Ivanovitch Svidrigailov A politician; Dounia's former employer
Marfa Petrovna Marfa Petrovna Svidrigailov Late wife of Svidrigailov
Luzhin Pyotr Petrovitch Luzhin Fiancee of Dounia
Razumihin Dmitri Prokofitch Vrazumihin A student; friend of Raskolnikov
  Nikodim Fomitch A cop
  Ilya Petrovitch A cop
Zossimov Zossimov A cop
Vahrushin Afanasy Ivanovitch ?
Zametov Alexandr Grigorievitch Zametov A cop
  Porfiry Petrovitch A cop
Nikolay Nikolay A house-painter
Dmitri Dmitri Mitka A house-painter
Koch Koch Witness
Pestryakov Pestryakov Witness